The unveiling of this imaginative project which involved the revamping of the bus stops close to ANZAC Cottage, 38 Kalgoorlie St, Mt Hawthorn will be held on Sunday, October 21 beginning at 2pm. The two conflicts with which ANZAC Cottage is most closely associated, World War I and the Vietnam War are reflected in the renewed bus stops. Operation ANZAC Revamp has revived the traditional ANZAC brotherhood between the defence forces of Australia and New Zealand to create two unique seats that evoke wartime conditions with the accompanying murals depicting the servicemen from both wars. An engaging addition to each of the bus stops is some of the jargon that was used during these conflicts with the meaning of these terms revealed on the ANZAC Cottage website.
All are invited to this unique unveiling that will begin at the Britannia Road Reserve Car Park, where attendees are invited to park their cars and ‘follow the leader’ to the event culminating at the Cottage for the formal part of the unveiling and light refreshments. For more information, please contact Anne by emailing or call 0411 44 55 82.