Those community members who built ANZAC Cottage back in 1916 would have been appalled to know that only 2 decades further on yet another World War would devastate the world and squander many of the generation of young Australians. Whilst they built the Cottage to commemorate the ANZACs at Gallipoli, I am sure that they would be perfectly comfortable with the honour and respect being extended to veterans who served in all conflicts.
On Sunday, August 5, the Friends of ANZAC Cottage will focus on some of the veterans from all services associated with the City of Vincent who served in World War II. Talks at 1:45 and 2:45 will focus on general information about those who served, with several of these veterans highlighted.
Visitors to the Cottage will be welcome to share the stories of their family members who served in World War II as well.
The Cottage, situated at 38 Kalgoorlie St, Mt Hawthorn, will be open on this day from 1pm to 4pm and entry is free with afternoon tea available for a gold coin donation.
More information is available by calling Anne on 0411 44 55 82 or emailing