Throughout the centenary commemorations of World War I , remarkable stories have emerged of so many of those who went off to fight for their country and for the Empire. There were differing motivations for their enlistment and each one had experiences that we, in 2018, can only try to imagine. At our April 1 Open Day, “The World War I Soldiers of Vincent“at ANZAC Cottage, 38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mt Hawthorn the Friends of ANZAC Cottage will present talks on some of the City of Vincent veterans of World War I, their experiences during their service and how the war impacted on their lives and their family’s lives for those who returned home. The presentations will be held at 1:45pm and repeated at 2:45pm.
The Cottage will be open on the day from 1pm to 4pm with free entry and afternoon tea for a gold coin donation. For more information, please contact Anne at or call 0411 44 55 82