Scalabrini Village Chipping Norton is a not-for-profit residential aged care provider, with a commitment to support the local community and its residents - all aged 65yrs+. Scalabrini focuses on dementia excellence and is working away from the traditional clinical-based approach to aged care and toward care that is genuinely person-centred.

The 65yrs+ age group is often overlooked as strong contributors to local communities Scalabrini Village Chipping Norton is working to rectify this by tapping-in to the unique qualities and the wealth of experience and knowledge of its elderly residents, giving-back to residents a strong sense of purpose and also benefiting the community overall, by sharing those unique qualities with others.

On Friday 27th October, between 10:30am to 11:30am Scalabrini Village will host a garden tea party for more than 25 local pre-schoolers from Your Kids Our Kids and will spend the morning drawing, painting, playing games and just enjoying each other’s company.

The event will be highly interactive and full of fun and laughter. The residents are very excited to pass their knowledge to the kids and are very much looking forward to spending time with the kids and hopefully forming special bonds with them.

The painting area will be set up under a grand-long marquee with paints and canvas. Each resident will be paired with a child to paint with. In typical tea garden fashion, there will be cupcakes, pastries, fairy bread and much more for all to enjoy.

All locals welcome.

Date: Friday 27th October 2017
Venue: Scalabrini Village Chipping Norton - 199 Epsom Rd, Chipping Norton NSW 2170
Time: From 10:30am – 11:30am