vBulletin Message

This method of posting events to BCL.com.au has now closed.

We have introduced a new system that will integrate better with the BCL.com.au What’s On pages, making it easier for you to post and provide better promotion for your events.

Listing remains available for non-profit organisations, community building events, cultural events, public forums, environmental initiatives, fundraising, awareness days, etc.

What's better in the new system?

- You can now upload two images, one of them will show as a thumbnail against your listing. - You can format your text, include links to your website and social media. - You can embed a youtube or Vimeo video on your event page. - Listings will be published and appear on the relevant What's On page immediately. - To keep the site up to date, event listings will automatically expire after 3 months - you will receive an email alert and can edit and extend them where appropriate.

If you haven't received your log-in details, please request a new account here.